Food tours in Athens

Food tours in AthensFood Tours in Athens is the best way to explore the city’s unique gastronomic and culinary heritage. In addition, gastronomy allows travellers to access the cultural and historical heritage destination through tasting and experiencing. It is not just the Acropolis, temples, city walls and churches that have a rich background. We would like to show you that gastronomy of Greece is as famous as it’s history. Food tours in Athens is an expert guided journey to the local food and beverage scene interactively. A unique experience as you will walk around Athens guided by a passionate guide, where you will visit lots of food shops where locals cherish, vibrant and colourful street markets, cultural sites and the city’s’ landmarks, beyond tourist books.

Food tours in Athens | Discover the hidden gems

Food Tours in AthensFood tour in Athens is an opportunity to discover hidden gems of the city, visit the secret food paths and areas while tasting the local greek food, unique products, traditional recipes but also to learn their origins and production methods. The festive mood, relaxation and fun is an ultimate experience during a gastronomic route and the social interaction with local people. If your idea of a perfect vacation includes having a delightful exploration of Athens, then look no further than a food tour experience. An unforgettable moving feast around the backstreets of Athens. Finally, it is all about you! Be inspired, be free to taste more, explore more and enjoy more!

Greek gastronomy through food tours in Athens

Our food tours in Athens embrace all the traditional values linked with respect for culture and tradition. A healthy lifestyle, and an authentic experience. When it comes to choosing a memorable experience in Athens, a Bon vivant will always say. It’ s all about gastronomy! Meet the authentic local shops which, dating back as long as a century, represent the Athens of a forgotten era. An Athens that still lives in basement taverns or small arcades. Get to know the locals and their life stories. Their passion, their courage and love for what they do best, FOOD! Old recipes and traditions passed on from older generations tell us a story of innocence, family moments and shared values.

One thing we do know is that during food tours in Athens you will enjoy the food, in every shop, in every bite, with all your senses. Bespoke food tours goal is to share the treasures of Greek gastronomy, local food and recipes as well as their origins. We welcome you to be our guests! Come and join us on a sensory experience of a food tour. Taste it! Smell it! See it! Hear it! Feel it! Bespoke Food Tours in Athens are all about sharing the ideas, cultural and traditional values, memories, experiences and local stories of this beloved city, Athens!