Secret Athens Food Tour | Private

Secret Athens Food TourThe Secret Athens Food Tour is a fantastic food fest! Does your idea of a perfect vacation include having an unbelievably delicious food tour exploration of Athens? Then look no further than this exclusive food tour experience. A private, tailor-made tour around the most scenic areas of Athens. Secret Athens Food Tour starts with a morning walk through Plaka, under the shadow of the Acropolis. Discover an area of peace and serenity, white houses and narrow alleys created by islanders 150 years ago. Secret Athens Food TourA pleasant stroll as we taste our way through traditional local shops. Discover vibrant, colourful markets and the best-hidden food gems. During our walk, we will talk about the origins of the recipes before we arrive at an old deli shop. While we will enjoy an hour-long tasting of the best artisanal products from all around Greece. Selected artisanal olive oils, cheese, aromatic kinds of vinegar. Fine wines, wild varieties of honey and other delicacies around a well-prepared degustation table.  Finally, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the old way of living through this unique gastronomic experience.

Secret Athens Food Tour includes:

  • An insider, expert and passionate guide.
  • Visit 11 food spots. A taste of the best authentic shops at places locals cherish
  • More than 25 food tastings. Food, coffee & wine (equivalent to breakfast, brunch and lunch)
  • Explore Athens cultural sites and historic areas (Anafiotika, Monastiraki, Psyrri, Plaka, 11th-century church, Athens Cathedral, herbs and spices street )
  • Experience “Varvakeios Agora”, the central fish, meat, vegetables and fruit market
  • The chance to taste recipes passed down through generations
  • The riveting story on when and how recipes were born and passed on to our days.
  • An hour tasting of Greek artisanal products, wine & spirits at a local deli shop
  • Learn about the city’s history, architecture and landmarks
  • Support exclusively family-run businesses
  • Select a departure time that suits your vacation schedule
  • Private and tailor-made food tour ensures personalised attention from your guide

Food  Highlights of Secret Athens Food Tour

  • Greek traditional pies with creative fillings, spinach pie with feta cheese, bougatsa sweet custard pie sprinkled with icing sugar
  • Kourou, half-moon shaped pie. A dough mixed with butter and yoghurt filled with famous Greek feta cheese, bakery since 1910
  • Koulouri, sesame sweet bread from an old bakery store since 1926
  • A fragrant slowly brewed coffee paired with a bite-size flavoured lukum
  • Loukoumades, just fried heavenly airy doughnuts drizzled with honey and cinnamon, pastry shop since 1920’s
  • Famous Greek souvlaki, garnished with juicy tomatoes, onions, parsley and paprika, wrapped in a lightly grilled pita. Street food spot since 1950’s
  • Hidden tapas tavern since 1960’s for a selection of sour bites as also as Saganaki cheese, seafood or meat, olives, pickled peppers paired with ouzo.
  • Selection of olives and award-winning extra virgin olive oils, paired with warm bread sprinkled with oregano and sea salt
  • Greek Native variety of wines (red and white), greek spirits (tsipouro, rakomelo) and mastic liqueur
  • Selection of 3 PDO greek cheese, cured meat and Greek ham
  • Greek strained yoghurt with wild honey from the remote mountains of Greece

Meeting point | Secret Athens Food Tour

Finally, the meeting point for the Secret Athens Food Tour is Akropolis metro station, (exit Makriyianni / Dionysiou Arepaghitou). On the top of the escalators at the street level. Tour ends back at Monastiraki metro station, (exit Monastiraki square)