Varvakeios Market

Varvakeios Market | The Central Market of Athens

Varvakeios MarketVarvakeios Market is where the heart of Athens beats for nearly 150 years. The Municipal Market of Athens has been operating since 1886. Until then, the market operated in improvised sheds near the Ancient Market, at the end of Aeolou str, at the site of the Roman market. Created by the need for Athens to acquire a modern market and was planned under Mayor Panayi Kyriakou. Its name is due to the national benefactor Ioannis Varvakis, whose donation officially started the construction.

Old Athens food tourThe Varvakeios Market is surrounded by the streets of Athenas, Evripidou and Sofokleous. It is a mixture of meat, fish and vegetable and fruits market, opening every day from early morning to late afternoon, except Sundays. The market serves thousands of customers every day who shop carefully chosen goods from hundreds of professional traders. Some of them have been there since the late 1970s and earlier.

The products of Varvakeios Market

Secret Athens Food TourIt is like a tradition for the Athenians from all around areas, who visit the market to have it’s best quality and fresh products every day. Fresh meat of excellent quality is cut in front of the client. A great variety of cold cuts and of course the famous Armenian recipe of “pastourma”.  Fresh fish arriving there every morning. There you will find the cheap “fish of the people” like sardines, smelt, fry and anchovies, as also as fishes for larger wallets such as tuna, swordfish, dentex and more. You will enjoy the smell of herbs and spices that you can buy in the best value for money.

Around the Varvakeios Market, you will become familiar with the local culture in every shop with exquisite products, historic cafes and taverns. An urban tapestry of small shops and family-owned businesses around the narrow streets, where you can find everything. Shopping becomes a pleasant stroll full of colours and aromas.

Varvakeios Market through a Food Tours

The truth is that you can wander around for hours and see things that really impress you. We have done it many times and we like it. That’s the reason we have chosen through our work to offer these images but also the feeling of this vibrant market to those who want to have this experience. If you want to get to know the Varvakeios Market and the surrounding area you can choose the Secret Athens Food Tour or Old Athens Food Tour.

Finally, we will help you unlock the most beautiful secrets of the area through this special experience.