Bespoke Food Tours

Bespoke Food Tours invite you to discover the beautiful City of Athens and its delicious side. Be guided by an expert and passionate guide, who will take you on a sensory experience of food and culture. A Bon vivant will always say when it comes to choosing an unforgettable experience in Athens; “It’s all about gastronomy!”. One thing we do know how to do is enjoying our food, on every occasion, with all our senses. Taste it! Smell it! See it! Hear it! Feel it! We enthusiastically welcome you to be our guests and have the opportunity to find out all the hidden gems of this beloved city. Enjoy local flavours and be inspired!

Taste, Experience, Discover

Bespoke Food ToursA Food Tour is the best way to explore the city’s rich gastronomic as well as culinary heritage. Greek gastronomy embodies all the traditional values associated with respect for culture together with tradition and a healthy lifestyle. The Bespoke Food Tours goal is to communicate the treasures of Greek gastronomy, local food and recipes as well as their origins. Old methods that passed on from previous generations tell us stories of innocence and family moments. It’s all about sharing the ideas, cultural and traditional values, memories, experiences and also local stories. So come with us, walk in a festive atmosphere and live this unique experience.

But words can never do justice to the real thing!